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One Stop for Safety Glasses & Eye Care!

Finally affordable eye care without the hassle!

Does it make sense to go to and eye doctor at one location, take a script to be fit with the safety glasses at another location, send the safety form across the country to have them fabricated then returned to the plant safety department to be dispensed?

If the patient has a problem, whom does he turn to?…the fabricator, the doctor, the fitter or the dispenser?

Wouldn’t it be easier to have ONE stop service?

  • Be examined by a doctor familiar with your work environment and job needs. One of our staff will be happy to visit your workplace to better understand you and your employee’s visual needs.
  • Have a safety frame ordered with the comfort and vision needs of the worker in mind.
  • Fabricate the safety glasses on site locally.
  • Have the worker pick up the glasses and be dispensed at the same location that fit them at our two convenient local offices.

Call today for a complimentary job site evaluation!

Charleroi (724) 485-9091 | Uniontown (724) 680-0039

Get Started Today!

Click on the forms below to open, print and complete to get started now:


A new employee will have our top priority to receive their examination and prescription safety glasses …ASAP.


If a problem occurs, the worker is taken care of by the TEAM of eye professionals who are responsible for the safety glasses from start to finish.


To make this process easy we have safety eye care packages that Include the eye exam!

We can adapt our program to fit your unique needs.

Let us help you achieve the best possible vision! Call us Today!