Eye Muscle Problems

Eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from over-use.  Activities such as driving, working on the computer, reading or watching television for extended periods can cause eye strain and fatigue.  In most cases experiencing eye strain when participating in these activities is normal, although there are cases where eye muscle problems could be the cause.

Eye muscle problems affect  1 in 6 individuals. These problems can lead to other issues such as double-vision, motion sickness and inability to concentrate.

It is important to see a specialist to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Vision Thereapy is often used to treat eye muscle problems.

If You Think You, Or A Family Member May Be Suffering From Eye Strain Or An Eye Muscle Problem, Take A Simple Self-Evaluation Test.

Adult Self-Evaluation Test

Child Self-Evaluation Test

For more information about the Vision Therapy treatment available at Martinelli Eye & Laser Center contact our office at (724) 485-9091 or visit www.homevisiontherapy.com.

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