Fearless LASIK – 24 Months Interest Free !

You want freedom from eyewear forever, but you have concerns about the safety of LASIK Surgery. You also don’t need the expense. Our specialty clinic is the perfect solution. We can help to safely and permanently improve your vision at an affordable cost.

Here’s What Makes Martinelli Eye & Laser Centers So Different:

  • Our patients always tell us that we are one of the few eye care facilities to offer complete continuity of eye care – you see only our specialized team from beginning to end of treatment. This direct approach in a total-service environment makes all the difference in providing quality care and building trust – something we’ve been doing since 1966.
  • Our success rate for LASIK Surgery is exceptionally high because our patients are always excellent candidates. Some patients are surprised we refuse to recommend surgery for them. They shouldn’t be. We’re always looking out for them – offering the best state-of-the-art solution for their individual needs. This is why every patient is examined very carefully to make sure they’re a suitable candidate for a successful LASIK procedure.
  • You can have LASIK Surgery through an easy no finance payment plan for up to 24 months. Our fee includes everything. That means no add-ons. Pre and post-procedure visits plus standard enhancements within your first year are included.

After you take advantage of our free, no obligation screening to see if LASIK is right for you, an appointment for a complete evaluation will be made with our surgeon. This appointment will include the following.

  • Eye and General History – Certain eye conditions such as Keratoconus prohibit the procedure; health problems such as Rheumatoid Arthritis are not compatible with LASIK.
  • Thorough Internal Eye Examination – Evaluation of the vitreous, retina, vessels, optic nerve, and macula.
  • Anterior Segment Evaluation – Microscopic examination of your eyes – lids, lashes, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens.
  • Schirmer Tear Evaluation – To determine adequate hydration.
  • Pachymetry/Corneal Thickness Studies – Measures your cornea to within one micron – your cornea must be thick enough to safely undergo the procedure.
  • Corneal Topography – Computer generated topographical “map” of the front surface of your eye – the “hills and valleys” of your cornea are scrutinized for even the most subtle irregularities.
  • NASA Developed Vision Correction Analysis – More than an eye chart exam but we obtain critical “aberration” data related to your unique “personal vision”.

If you’re a good candidate and decide to go ahead with LASIK, you will receive a series of post-procedure examinations at no additional cost. Exams are scheduled one day, one week, one month, three months and one year after surgery. In addition, we are always here to answer any questions you might have, for as long as you have them.

Make an appointment now to receive our free, no-obligation screening and money back guarantee. That’s an $85.00 value for an invaluable and possible life changing visit. Call us today at (724) 483-3675

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Office Hours

Monday : 9am – 6pm
Tuesday : 9am – 5pm
Wednesday : 10am – 1pm
Thursday : 9am – 5pm
Friday : 9am – 5pm
Saturday : Varies, call office.

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