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Martinelli Eye & Laser Center utilizes the SPECTRALIS® Diagnostic Imaging technology. This exciting, new imaging technology allows our doctors the ability to see inside the eye like never before without the need to inject dye. The 3D images produced by SPECTRALIS allow for improved detection of structural changes within the eye.

Using this leading-edge technology, our doctors can monitor our glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy patients less evasively and even more effectively than before.


Click here to learn more about SPECTRALIS, or you can call us at Charleroi: (724) 485-9091 or Uniontown: (724)680-0039.

Click Title Below to Read SPECTRALIS Press Releases:

Schedule a glaucoma screening at one of our convenient locations today!

Charleroi: (724) 485-9091 / Uniontown: (724) 680-0039